Getting the most out of Summit Learning Charter

This list is not exhaustive, but these tips are sure to support you in doing your best this term.

  • Have attitueda positive attitude.  Our entire institution is supporting your success.  We believe in your ability to learn, so put on a smile and log in!
  • Stop procrastinating.  There is nothing in this world more exciting than learning!  And the feeling of doing a good job, is priceless.  Are you a little stuck?  Not sure how to get started?  Please, call and email your teachers!  All of them.  They want to hear from you.
  • Get involved.  Research shows that students who connect themselves to peers and activities with in a school feel better about their environment and feel more confident about their own learning progress.  Check out our Calendar of Events, start attending live online classes.  Trust us, they are awesome!  Ask your advisor to direct you to the next online class event in Math, Literature, Science, or PE.  COME TO OUR SITE in Eagle Creek or Tigard for our enrichment/study hall/ tutoring
  • Make a daily schedule.  The most productive students in our program report that their success is rooted in an effective daily schedule for work, play, and family.  If you are not making progress towards completing classes, it is definitely time to change up your routine and put schoolwork first.

Make the most out of everyday!  Good luck and study hard.