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In Person Connections

In Person Classes and Engagement

Summit Learning Charter’s school sites provide an awesome opportunity for kids to gather, learn, and play. We want students to grow their desire to learn and build upon what the Learning Coach is doing, so we provide rewarding enrichment activities for students to be able to socialize with their peers in a structured educational setting.

In addition to having weekly face-to-face classes centralized around Math, Science, Social Studies, and/or Language Arts, we offer PE, Music, Choir, Orchestra, and Art. We have a Talent Show and Career Fair once a year. Our Science Fair is held every other year.

This is a fabulous area to network with parents and strengthen your own learning community.

2021/22 Fall Schedule of In Person Classes

Speech and Debate

Teaching a positive outlet for a teens natural tendency – It doesn’t have to be scary to talk in public

Loving Literature

Celebrating rich writing for all levels of readers


Tutoring and small group instruction

Student Leadership

Engaging students with school projects that build community and culture

Horticulture Club

Learn the secrets of growing plants


Introductory instruction

Writers Workshop

A skill building and creative outlet with words

Physical Education

Totally inclusive activities to get you moving

Beginners Spanish

Expanding vocabulary and usage of your Spanish skills

Robotics and 3D modeling

Coding, construction, art and design with technology

Extreme Home Economics

Traditional skills and crafts still have a place in our world, but the knowledge is being lost… let’s find it!

Science Labs

Microscopes, dissection, animal studies, Salmon life cycle study, and more!

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