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Virtual Academy FAQ

Virtual Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does SLC cost?

Summit Learning Charter, SLC, is a free public charter school publicly funded by the Oregon Department of Education. The only cost incurred by a family is the cost to provide internet connection from home.

Q: Can I be enrolled in SLC and another school/program at the same time?

No. When students enroll in SLC, students become full-time students of SLC and are expected to participate in curriculum for all 4 disciplines (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies) along with elective courses.

Q: Do I have to live in Estacada School District to enroll in SLC?

No. Estacada School District sponsors Summit, but we currently are providing expert services to over 30 districts throughout the Portland Metro Area.

Q: Are all of the teachers at SLC highly-qualified?


Q: Are students of SLC required to participate in State Testing?

Yes. All public schools are required to provide opportunities to demonstrate skills on the State Assessment for ALL students in grades 3-8 and 11.

Q: Do you offer synchronous and asynchronous courses?

Yes, we offer a full complement of both.  And a student can blend their experience to get the best experience possible.

Q: Who grades the course work?

All Summit courses are monitored and graded by our team of local highly qualified teachers.

Q: How does PE work?

PE credit is earned by a combination of independent study and online curriculum.

Q: Can I work at my own pace?/ What if I want to get ahead?

  • Students can work independently, but they need to stay mindful of the timelines for course completion. It is best to coordinate with the teachers regularly.
  • Students are able to work ahead and once they complete the course they are working on, they can get another course assigned to them.
  • We have many students that actually complete and graduate a year early.

Q: How many courses are assigned at a time?

At a minimum, we assign 4 courses each term for students to complete.

Q: Is tutoring available?

Our teachers are available for support during their office hours and for scheduling zoom meetings. Summit offers individualized math tutoring all week. This has been a great new edition based on family feedback.

Q: How can I get in touch with someone if there is an issue?

  • Each student is assigned an advisor. They are your first point of contact. You can reach them via text, phone, or email.
  • Students also have direct access to their teacher if they need assistance with their course work.
  • Having technical issues? Contact our fully staffed IT Department.

Q: Is there anything to do in person?

Yes! We offer enrichments at our site in Eagle Creek on Tuesday and Thursday. Get connected and attend study hall, Have lunch with other students, attend PE, go to Chess Club, or try out Robotics! Campus has a robust community that gathers twice a week!

Q: What can a parent do to help their student?

  • The best tips for parents are: make a schedule, review progress regularly, and problem solve with our team. How can a parent stay informed about student progress?
  • Summit will send a grade report every week to your assigned email. If you want more information, connecting with your assigned advisor is the best way to proceed.

Q: How do we show attendance at Summit?

We collect attendance in many ways. Ninth graders attend weekly homerooms with their advisors. Additional methods that count as attendance are: logging into your curriculum, making progress in your classes, reaching out or responding to a Summit teacher or advisor, attending LIVE classes,or by joining us on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Q: How many hours a day do I have to work on my school work?

We recommend studying for 1 – 1.5 hours on each course every day. Cumulatively, this should amount to 4-6 hours per day.

Q: Does Summit provide a laptop?


Q: Can I get credit for my homeschool classes that I have taken?

Summit will review your homeschool classes and award elective credits where applicable.

Q: Can I attend SLC part time?

No, all students must be enrolled full time.

Q: Can I participate in Drama/sports/band at my current school?

Absolutely.  We are happy to help by filling out any required paperwork. We are an associates member of OSAA.

Q: Where is your school located?

Eagle Creek, Oregon.

Q: Do you do field trips?

Yes. Several are scheduled every year.

Q: Can I graduate early?

Yes. We have several students accomplish this every year.

Q: What makes Summit different from other charter schools like k12?

  • K-12 specifically does not have local teachers and there may be meetings with someone on the west coast at weird hours.
  • We have advisors checking in on all 6-12th grade students.
  • All of our elementary students have a primary teacher that they work with and communicate with each week.

Q: Do you have Choir / Band class?

We do have opportunities for music during our enrichment classes.

Q: What kind of testing do you do/required?

  • OSAS – the Oregon State Assessment of Skills
  • Star testing for EOP students – Fall, Winter and Spring to monitor a students progress and then offer additional supports where necessary.

Q: Does my student have to be vaccinated to attend SLC?

There is an exemption form / certificate you can complete. This must be completed before students participate in on campus activities.

Q: My student is very intelligent, can they skip a grade?

  • Per ODE, we enroll students into grades based on their age. However, for EOP families, you are able to order curriculum up to 1 grade above (or below) what your student is in.
  • Students in middle school and high school are able to work a grade ahead if they have completed their grade level curriculum.

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