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Early College FAQ

Early College Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I be enrolled at Summit Learning Charter and my local high school at the same time?

A:  No. Summit Learning Charter is a public school. In Oregon, students cannot be enrolled in two public schools at the same time.

Q: I play sports at my current high school. Can I still compete with my local school?

A: Yes. Summit Learning Charter is an Associate Member of OSAA. Students who meet OSAA requirements are eligible to compete.

Q: Is the Early College Program year round?

A: No. Summit’s school calendar allows sponsorship to occur in Fall, Winter and Spring term.

Q: What is a full time Early College schedule?

A: There are many variations as to how we can build a schedule for your learner! Contact our registrar to discuss these options.

Q: Does Summit have a graduation ceremony?

A: Yes. Summit’s Graduation Coordinator organizes a wonderful ceremony every year.

Q: Will my college classes only be with high school students?

A: No. Students should expect that classes will have both high school age students and adult community members as well.

Q: How do I decide which classes to take?

A: Upon enrollment, each student is assigned to a Summit Advisor. Advisors and students work closely each term to assure that students are meeting their high school requirements.

Q: Does Summit pay for college textbooks?

A: Yes. A full-time Early College student receives a textbook stipend in the amount of $200 every term to help off-set the cost of books.

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