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Elementary Options FAQ

For Elementary Students

Q: How old must a student be to start SLC?

A student must turn 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year in which they wish to enroll.

Q: What is the virtual Elementary Options Program?

The elementary options program enables kindergarten to 5th-grade students to attend a virtual public charter school anywhere within Oregon.

Q: How does the virtual Elementary Options Program work?

Parents get to be the Learning Coach and instruct their child, with the guidance and support of a licensed educator. Our elementary program provides a variety of text-based and/or virtual curriculum choices to promote K-5 learning as well as optional on-site and virtual enrichment opportunities.

Q: How much does the Elementary Options Program cost?

SLC is a tuition-free public charter school funded by the Oregon Department of Education. The only costs incurred by a family are the cost to provide an internet connection for the home and field-trip fees.

Q: What materials are required to attend the program?

The only material required to attend the program is access to a reliable internet connection.

Q: Are any resources provided to students?

Each student receives a $500 curriculum allowance if they’re enrolled at the start of the school year. Students will also have access to supplemental online programs such as Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, NewsELA, and Khan Academy. Students enrolled in SLC by December of the calendar school year can also apply for an additional $500 to help towards paying for outside resources.

Q: How do I apply for Summit’s Elementary School Options Program?

You can apply for SLC’s Elementary School Options Program by following the steps laid out on our admissions page, which you can access by clicking on any of the “Apply Now” buttons throughout the website.

Q: What kind of field trips are offered?

SLC offers several field trips each year that are designed to offer educational and social enrichment opportunities to students. Field trips may include activities in various locations such as museums, wildlife centers, or other educationally relevant locations.

Q: What is the STAR 360 Assessment?

The STAR 360 Assessment is administered virtually in the fall, winter, and spring. The assessment tracks students’ progress in math and reading and identifies strengths and weaknesses in these subjects. Each student’s learning coach is provided with a detailed report of the assessment as well as a list of instructional methods to aid future learning. Assessment data is also used by SLC to analyze program needs and develop curricula.

Q: What is an “enrichment?”

Enrichments provide both in-person and virtual-based learning opportunities that take place weekly throughout the school year. These experiences are designed to “enrich” each student’s learning experience by providing additional learning and social opportunities. Both enrichment opportunities provide students to work collaboratively with classmates of similar ages and are instructed by licensed educators. Even though these enrichments are optional, we encourage students to attend at least one of these opportunities per week.

Q: Can I be enrolled in SLC and another school/program at the same time?

No. When students enroll, they attend SLC full-time.

Q: Do I have to live in the Estacada School District to enroll in Summit Learning Charter?

No. While the Estacada School District sponsors SLC – all charters in Oregon must be sponsored by a specific school district – SLC currently has students enrolled who reside in over 30 districts.

Q: Are all of the teachers at Summit Learning Charter highly qualified?

Yes! All instructors at SLC meet the required teaching qualifications in the state of Oregon. Summit teachers are licensed in their subject(s) by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commision.

Q: Are students at Summit Learning Charter required to participate in state testing? What kind of testing will students be required to take?

Yes. All students who enroll in any public charter school are expected to participate in standardized state testing in grades 3-8 and 11.

For Parents

Q: What is a parent’s role for students enrolled in Summit’s elementary option program?

Parents are expected to be the learning coach, and the primary educator for each student enrolled in the program. Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated to supporting parents by providing instructional strategies and resources when needed. We encourage a high level of engagement between both the student, parent/Learning coach and teacher for optimal learning.

Q: How much time must a parent or guardian commit every day?

Parents / Learning Coaches must be able to dedicate 3-5 hours per day of instruction to teach the core subjects. In addition to that, parents/Learning Coaches will be expected to connect with their assigned Home Room teacher at a minimum of twice per week to document attendance and discuss student progress and learning.

Q: How often can parents speak with their student’s teachers?

In addition to instructing enrichment classes and attending field trips, teachers connect with parents through weekly communication to help ensure students and their parents / learning coaches stay on track. Teachers are also available Monday-Friday by phone, Zoom and email to respond to parents/learning coaches.

Q: Who counts as a parent/learning coach?

The learning coach is usually – although not always – a parent/guardian who takes on the full-time responsibility of educating their student.

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