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Virtual Academy Academics and Curriculum

At Summit Learning Charter, we know that every student is unique and approaches learning in their own individual way. We believe that an effective school must provide a variety of high-quality, personalized educational options to meet the diverse needs, wishes, and goals of students and their families.

We support each and every student by encouraging them to take an active role in their own education. We offer virtual academic programs and in-person classes for grades 6-12 that prioritize choice and freedom in education while maintaining high academic standards at every turn. Summit Learning Center regularly goes through an accreditation process through Cognia and maintains a long-standing relationship with the Estacada School District.

Every student who graduates from SLC receives an Oregon High School Diploma verifying they have met state graduation requirements.

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Blended Model Instruction

Blended learning refers to educational programs in which students learn through a combination of virtual and in-person formats. At Summit Learning Charter, we think blended learning is a great and flexible option, because there simply isn’t one right way to learn for everyone.

The blended model allows students to access content and instruction in different ways.

Together, we’re building a map to success by encouraging students to take charge of their own learning.


Summit Learning Charter offers several learning programs and platforms. This modern approach gives our students the opportunity to engage with their learning through the methods that work for them and their specific educational needs. By utilizing the latest digital programs, we’re able to work interactively with students both in-person and virtually.


Canvas is an online learning management system that can be accessed anywhere at any time. Students can log in regularly to attend classes, get feedback on assignments, keep track of their grades, and communicate with teachers and classmates.


Edgenuity is a modernized curriculum for students from grades 6-12. It offers courses in core subjects like math, science, and english, as well as foreign language and elective classes. It primarily utilizes video instruction with effective assessments and built-in supports.

Edynamic Learning

Edynamic Learning is a curriculum with over 40 elective classes in a variety of subjects. Classes can be accessed through Canvas, allowing students to engage with comprehensive material through an interactive and intuitive platform.


Odysseyware is an online curriculum that offers a wide selection of core classes and electives designed for students from grades 3-12. It is primarily text-based with additional assessments and built-in supports.


Zoom is an online web conferencing application. We use it primarily for live lectures in addition to one-on-one tutoring, instruction, and support.

Google Apps

Google apps allow us to ensure that each student is set up with an individual email account, calendar, online storage, and document creation tools. They also allow students to easily share their work with teachers and classmates.

ESL Reading Smart

ESL Reading Smart is a program that provides clear and comprehensive instruction to English language learners. It allows students to go through a variety of activities to help them learn the English language.


SLC offers over 200 classes in 3 comprehensive curriculums. We invite you to meet with our school counselor to build a virtual and/or in-person learning path that suits your schedule and needs. In addition to a robust selection of offerings in core subjects like Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts, we offer courses such as PE, Robotics, Music, Choir, Orchestra, and Art. We put on a Talent Show and Career Fair annually, and our Science Fair is held every other year.

Below is a table of some of the courses we offer. Please refer to Summit Learning Charter’s official Course Catalog to see a comprehensive list of offerings and course descriptions.

Math Courses

6th Grade Math A LIVE!

This teacher-paced course is delivered through Canvas. Students attend regular online sessions for a more structured learning experience. First-semester coursework focuses on number sense, variables, measurements, decimals, and number patterns.

6th Grade Math A

This is a video-based, asynchronous version of our 6th grade math course, delivered through Edgenuity. Students use a variety of tools to engage with the course content.

Algebra II LIVE!

In this teacher-paced course, students attend live class sessions via Canvas to study functions, polynomials, statistics, and trigonometry.


This asynchronous Edgenuity course formalizes what students learned about geometry in the middle grades with a focus on reasoning and making mathematical arguments.

Financial Math

Covering topics such as budgeting, paying taxes, personal financial planning, and much more, this highschool course provides students with relevant, informative lessons and assignments to meaningfully connect mathematical concepts to real-world finance.

Probability and Statistics

This full-year course offers alternative math credits to students who choose not to go on to advanced courses like Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. The class covers topics surrounding statistical analysis and probability, beginning with the fundamentals and building toward progressively more advanced aspects of the topic.

English Language Arts Courses

6th Grade English Language Arts LIVE!

Delivered through Canvas, this teacher-paced course gives students a more structured learning environment with regular online classes and assignments.

English Language Arts I

This 9th-grade course built in Canvas allows students to have more control over the pace of their course. They will work independently through reading and writing assignments and meet with their teacher as needed.

Pop Culture LIVE!

This course is recommended for students in grades 10-12 and covers the breadth of pop culture. It allows students to learn about how pop culture, including writing, music, films, television, and social media, impacts society and how society impacts pop culture.

Creative Writing

Students will learn the fundamentals of creative writing and gain the knowledge they need to bring their thoughts and ideas to life through a variety of creative literary techniques.

Writing and Publishing LIVE!

This course is for students who enjoy creative writing and want to learn more about the process of editing and publishing for public consumption. The class offers personal instruction from an experienced published author based upon real-world industry experience.

Gothic Literature

This course delves into the world of gothic literature. From creepy ghouls, to ghosts, to vampires, students will explore some of the most influential gothic stories from the 19th century to now. They’ll also learn how these frightening tales can be used to explore important cultural topics such as racism, gender norms, social justice, and more.

Science Courses

Physical Science

Students learn about scientific concepts such as atoms, compounds, acids, and energy. This course is student-paced and built in Canvas for students who want more control over their pace compared to our LIVE physical science class.


In this Canvas course, students will explore various scientific principles, including biomes, ecology, and the animal kingdom.

Environmental Science

This course covers the rapidly expanding field of environmental science. Students will explore topics like ecology, the biosphere, energy, environmental policy, and much more through tackling real-world dilemmas.


This course explores the mysteries of space. From black holes, to stars, to scientific history and basic principles, this class will allow students to expand their knowledge of astronomy through online tools.

Marine Science

Our Marine Science course teaches students about one of the great frontiers on Earth: the ocean. Students will apply scientific inquiry and research techniques to learn all about aquatic cycles, deep sea ecosystems, and more.


This rigorous, full-year course provides students with a comprehensive dive into the fundamentals of chemistry such as composition and matter. This class utilizes informative and interactive labs to explore advanced topics, including biochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and electrochemistry.

Social Studies Courses

World History LIVE!

This structured, teacher-paced class focuses on world history topics that span from the early Renaissance through World War II and current events.

U.S. History

This student-paced course focuses on specific periods of U.S. history from a range of perspectives.

U.S. Government

Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles and procedures of government, covering topics such as the founding principles of the nation, the Constitution and its Amendments, and the expansion of civil rights.


This semester-long course invites students to broaden their understanding of how economic concepts apply to their everyday lives and focuses on both micro- and macroeconomic theory, mixed-market economies, the role of government, and personal finance strategies.

Human Geography

This high-school level course takes a thematic approach to understanding the development of human systems, social organization, and human understandings of the world.


Students are introduced to the study of psychology and learn the fundamental concepts of research, theory, and human behavior. Topics include human growth, learning, and personality.

P.E. & Health Courses

8th Grade PE/Health LIVE!

In this course, students learn how to live a healthy and physically fit lifestyle. They’ll have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to their own lives.

HS Health LIVE!

This Canvas class has required weekly in-person meetings and includes engaging activities in and out of the classroom. Students work individually and in groups to learn the fundamentals of health, nutrition, fitness, and more.

HS Physical Education

Students will explore fitness topics such as safe exercise, injury prevention, nutrition, stress, and weight management, gaining important skills they need to achieve lifetime fitness.

MS PE Independent Study

Middle school students who participate in organized sports can get P.E. credit for logging their hours of activity in this independent study course!

Elective Courses

3D Printing and Design LIVE!

In this course, students will gain access to professional design software and learn how to create 3D models.


This semester-long music course teaches students the discipline of practicing their voice as they develop long-lasting friendships and participate in performances in the community.

Computer Science Discoveries LIVE!

In this two-semester course, students learn about coding concepts and javascript block coding in a fun and hands-on environment.

Work Experience

Students can earn credit for their employment by saving their pay stubs and recording their hours!

Art History

This course introduces students to art within historical, social, geographical, political, and religious contexts.

Health Science Concepts

This course introduces high school students to the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology – including the organization of the body, cellular functions, and the chemistry of life.

Personal Finance

In this one-semester course, students learn about the world of finance and how to make informed decisions, as well as basic skills like how to open bank accounts, invest money, and apply for loans and insurance.

Fashion and Design

This course introduces students to the world of design theoretically and practically, through a project-based process. Students will develop the skills necessary to build a successful business and develop a portfolio for future career opportunities.

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