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Elementary Options Program

Where Options are Everything!

The Elementary Options Program strives to provide a home-based education program where the parents/guardians are interested in being the Primary Learning Coach for their student.

Families have the option to select curriculum from both traditional boxed curriculum and online options. Students can gain access to the social part of learning through our optional in-person and/or online enrichment classes.

We emphasize a blended learning model with parents/guardians who are interested in being the Primary Learning Coach for their student on a day-to-day basis in their home, and would like support with assessments, curriculum funding, enrichment activities, physical education, and field trips.

Each student/family is connected with a teacher who will:

  • Provide instructional support and guidance
  • Teach enrichment classes
  • Document state-required attendance

Our School:

  • Conducts state assessments and progress monitoring
  • Provides online remediation and supplemental resources
  • Provides a curriculum allowance

The goal of the Elementary Options Program is about providing each student a unique blend of learning opportunities:

  • Home-based Education
  • Virtual Curricula option
  • Optional Live Online Classes
  • Optional Hands-on Enrichments classes
  • Optional Field Trips

Students are saying…

“My only regret is not finding Summit sooner!”

“I feel like my education with the Early College is preparing me for the future.”

“Traditional high school is not for everyone. I found the Early College when it was clear that I needed a change”

“Early college gave me the opportunity to study the way I wanted. This is possibly one of the best choices I’ve ever made and my future has never looked brighter because of it.”

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