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Is Virtual Learning For My Child?

Tips From the Counselor For Making Online Education Work.

There is a misconception that going to school is easy. It’s not easy! It takes work and commitment in any educational environment. School buildings by their very nature create structure and a schedule for students to follow, which helps them stay organized, and on task. The same approach is important and useful in helping your child be a successful online learner.

Create a work or study space that is free of distractions and open for use without interruptions.

Television, food preparation, and casual conversations will disrupt and distract your child from the ability to concentrate and complete work.

Check on your child’s progress and Internet activity daily. You must oversee your child’s learning.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to set educational expectations and to supervise your student’s activity and progress. Have him or her walk you through assignments and show you the activity and communications they are involved in.  Use your parent portal to check progress and grades, monitor time on task and communicate with teachers.

Construct a daily schedule and STICK TO IT!

Design a daily routine for going to school. But writing it down (post it where your student can see it) or putting it into your child’s device (set alarms as triggers or reminders) will help establish a pattern of positive behaviors that will help performance in school.

Commit a certain amount of time to working in your classes every day and DO IT.

Your child must commit at least 4 hours DAILY to studying and doing the class work. If he or she does not put dedicated time into school it will be extremely difficult to graduate on time. High school students must earn 24 credits over 4 years; this is 6 credits a year.

Communicate daily with your teachers.

If your child has questions, let the teachers know right away.

Virtual learning is an excellent option for many students for a wide variety of reasons.

Call the school counselor to discuss in detail whether our blended online environment is suited to your child’s strengths, interests and learning style.

Connect with the School Counselor, Educational Advisor and Technical Support Specialist.

We have an amazing support team in place to ensure academic success for all students. If your student is experiencing technical issues, frustrated with time management, or has concerns about a class, Summit wants to help. Available to every student are their teachers, a devoted advisor, and a robust IT Department.

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