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Virtual Elementary Options Program Academics

The Elementary Options Program (EOP) at Summit Learning Charter prioritizes the individual needs of students and their families. The program is designed to provide comprehensive, flexible, home-based education to students in accordance with their unique learning style, academic strengths, and learning goals.

Success in the EOP is based on the cooperative and effective relationship between teachers, students, and learning coaches (usually parents/guardians). Enrolled students will benefit from a strong core curriculum, skilled and dedicated instructors, and supplemental learning resources and enrichment opportunities.

Program Dates:
September 6 to June 16

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Our Offerings

Core Classes

All curricula offer classes in the core subjects of English, math, and science. We also offer supplemental in-person enrichment courses and opportunities, which may include:

  • Math labs
  • S.T.E.A.M
  • Drama
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish
  • Literature Workshops
  • PE
  • Music
  • Art

We support curriculum choices that meet common core standards for elementary students. Popular publishers include:

  • Saxon
  • Singapore Math
  • Math–U–See
  • Evan–Moor
  • Spectrum
  • All About Learning Press
  • Explode the Code
  • IEW
  • Learning Without Tears

There is also a full virtual curriculum option available for students with parental guidance for K-5th grades.

Online Enrichments

In addition to our hands-on, in-person enrichment opportunities, we also offer supplemental live online enrichment classes. These courses are taught by licensed instructors, and they give students and teachers a chance to interact in a positive, fun environment. Instruction is usually focused around science or social-science concepts.

Students will have access to a variety of supplemental online programs, including:

  • Reading Eggs
  • Math Seeds
  • Lalilo
  • Khan Academy
  • Prodigy Math

School-Based Assessments

Renaissance STAR 360 assessments are given to EOP students in Fall, Winter, and Spring. These assessments focus on reading and math, and the data generated from the results is used to create supplemental and individualized learning paths.

State-Required Assessments

In addition to the school-based assessments used to support student learning, there are some assessments required by the state of Oregon:

  • Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS) for 3rd-grade students and above are available in the Spring.
  • Kindergarten and new-to-school 1st-grade students are assessed using the Pre-Reading Screener up to three times throughout the school year.

Program Overview

Curriculum Options

Our Options

  • The goal of the Elementary Options Program is to provide every student and family with an individualized learning pathway that matches their learning style and skill level
  • $500 Curriculum allowance per student if enrolled by September, prorated depending on enrollment
  • Able to purchase curriculum from two very popular vendors
  • Full-time online subjects available for students with parental guidance for K-5th grade
  • Supplemental online optional resources include  Reading Eggs, Lelilo and Math Seeds
  • Free supplemental online resources include Khan Academy, Prodigy Math and other virtual options
  • Flexible, home-based education


Optional On-Campus Enrichments @ Eagle Creek

  • Hands-on enrichment opportunities
  • Students get to gather, learn and play with other students at their grade level
  • Supplemental to your instruction
  • Taught by a licensed teacher
  • Sign up ahead of time required

Current classes include:

  • Grade-level based activities, math, S.T.E.A.M., Drama, Social Studies, PE, Lego, and Art

Online Enrichments

  • Supplemental live online enrichment classes
  • Students can have positive student and teacher interactions
  • Instruction usually focused around Science or Social Studies concepts
  • Instruction by licensed teachers


School-Based Assessments

  • Renaissance STAR 360 assessments given in Reading and Math in Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Data used to create supplemental and individualized learning paths

State-Required Assessments

  • Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS) for students 3rd grade + available in the Spring
  • *Required* Kindergarten and new-to-school 1st-grade students assessed using Pre-Reading Screener


Every EOP student at Summit Learning Charter is given a budget allowance of $500 to be used to purchase curriculum through our pre-approved vendors: and

Students enrolled after September 1 will receive a pro-rated amount.  We support curriculum choices that meet common core standards for elementary curriculum.

Popular publishers include: Saxon, Singapore Math, Math–U–See, Evan–Moor, Spectrum, All About Learning Press,  Explode the Code,  IEW, and Learning Without Tears.

We also offer a full virtual curricula Calvert curriculum option. Students enrolled after September 1 will receive a pro-rated amount towards curriculum budget which may impact the ability to enroll in this program if starting later in the school year.

Supplemental Online Programs

Additionally, students will have access to supplemental online programs such as Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, Khan Academy – we are an online school, after all.

Online Core Subjects

If a parent wants a student to be fully enrolled in an online program, we now offer core subjects using the Calvert program for K-5th grade, and Beast Academy in Math for 3rd grade students +.

All materials belong to your family if you maintain enrollment for the full year. However, should you choose to leave our program during the year, we ask that you return all of the materials for review and possible future re-use in our library.

Students enrolled with us by December of the calendar-school year can also apply for an additional $500 to help towards paying for outside resources, which will be distributed in the form of reimbursement once specific guidelines have been met.

Parent Testimonial

“The answer to so many prayers, when my daughter wasn’t thriving in public school. She went from a D average to all A’s in one term. I already knew she was brilliant, she just needed a different teaching style to accommodate her learning style. I was able to homeschool, and work full time, as a single mom, with Summit.””
– Jill McLane


If you want to learn more about Summit Learning Charter and how we operate, then you can discover the answers to our frequently asked questions here!

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