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Summit Employment frequently asked questions.

What does a typical day look like?

It is a range of activities that all involve promoting student engagement and improved student outcomes.
Online teaching using ZOOM, building new course content in CANVAS, checking emails for communication from students or parents, setting up tutoring or intervention meetings, grading student work from a variety of curriculum platforms, providing quality direct feedback.

Collaborating with your content team or reporting to our physical location for in person activities.
There is a WIDE variety of critical daily task and long range projects that make being a virtual educator a vibrant and important career.

Do I work from home?

That depends on the position.  Many of our team members have a home office.  We highly value collaboration, team work, and coordination between departments and see this done best with regular in person engagement.  ALL faculty report to the learning center on Tuesday and Thursdays and every other Friday for student enrichment activities or collaborative staff meetings.

What is it like to work for Summit?

Collaboration is key.   Between and amongst departments there is a collective synergy of action to problem solve, share, train, and support each other.  We have leaders in many departments who train and mentor new staff.  Our goals is to hire the right candidate for the Summit family.

As a workforce, we are tackling some enormous challenges within Oregon education.

As a team we are stepping forward in the digital education revolution in the state as Leaders.  The outcomes our students have earned are a result of continual collaboration.

Our leadership regularly seeks out professional development, creates worthwhile meeting times, and identifies leaders for new responsibilities and growth.  Summit Learning Charter is the #1 Non Profit Organization in Oregon (rated by our employees).

Is Summit Learning Charter part of the Union?

No, Summit is not part of the Oregon teacher’s union.  We are private non profit charter school.  We are members of PERS and we are a PERS pick up employer – we pay your contribution to the retirement plan.

Can you explain a little about job security as an employee with Summt?

When making a decision to work with Summit Learning Charter, we are hoping for a long term commitment and a mutually happy arrangement.

Summit is not part of the teacher’s union.  Instead, every teacher is reviewed and supported on an ongoing basis every year.  Performance goals are individually made and tied to student growth, program growth, and individual professional development.  Most of our faculty have been with us for a long time and we do not typically turn over positions.  And we monitor our financial budget very carefully to ensure that each hired position is part of our family for a long time.

How can I get more information

The prefered way to get more information is through email.  On the main employment page there is a contact form which will send communication directly to the Principal, Human Resources, and the Office Manager.

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