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A Typical Day for a Student Attending Virtual School

One of the main benefits of virtual education is the flexibility it offers students and families. Most online learning schedules give students the chance to take charge of their schooling and complete assignments on a more personalized timetable. But that doesn’t mean online school isn’t structured. In fact, the extra freedom you enjoy as a virtual student also means taking on more responsibility for maintaining a schedule and staying on track.


If you’re thinking about transitioning to online school, you’re probably wondering: What does a virtual student’s daily routine look like? Keep reading to learn all about the typical day for a virtual school student and tips and tricks for making every day productive!

What is Online Learning?

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Online learning, also sometimes called E-learning or distance education, refers to schooling and instruction that is delivered through internet-based platforms and applications. Virtual academies like Summit Learning Charter (SLC) that specialize in online learning are one of several effective alternatives to traditional schooling for many families. 


Every young learner is unique, and different forms and styles of learning benefit different students for a variety of reasons. But some of the main reasons more families might choose to make the switch to online learning include:

  • Increased flexibility and convenience
  • More at-home support and involvement
  • Individualized and self-paced learning
  • The incorporation of technology into the curriculum
  • Reduced transportation or relocation costs
  • A wider range of course options

Start of the Day

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Wake Up

Sleep is extremely important for mental and physical development. Most online students benefit from waking up between 7:00 and 8:00, as this allows them to start their day bright and early without sacrificing essential sleep. The fact that virtual students don’t have to rush to catch the bus also means they usually enjoy a few extra minutes of rest.

Eat Breakfast

A virtual student’s daily routine starts off the same as any young learner. Before you jump into daily lessons and coursework, you should always have a healthy, balanced breakfast. Some healthy breakfast foods to incorporate into your meals include eggs, oats, berries, yogurt, and nuts.

Plan the Day

Time management and scheduling are essential skills for any virtual learner. It’s a good idea to start by working with your Learning Coach to create an online learning schedule and virtual class timetable for the day. This will help you manage your time effectively and keep track of all your responsibilities. You can also reach out to your SLC advisor to help you and your Learning Coach develop a schedule that works for you and helps you achieve your individual learning goals.

Middle of the Day

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Attend Virtual Classes

Most virtual courses include recorded lectures, online activities, and/or live lessons with teachers and classmates. While many of our courses are completely asynchronous (meaning lectures and activities are prerecorded and can be completed entirely at your own pace), we also offer blended learning options. This gives you the opportunity to take both asynchronous and synchronous classes. Synchronous courses have a set schedule and require real-time instruction and participation. But whether you’re attending virtual classes live or on your own time, be sure to stay engaged by actively listening and taking notes.

Have Lunch

It’s never a good idea to work continuously without taking time for lunch. In fact, taking breaks during the school day actually boosts productivity. Set aside designated time each day to eat a nutritious lunch, rest your eyes, and replenish your energy. You might also get in the habit of taking a daily walk to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Attend Study and Tutoring Sessions 

The afternoon is a great time to finish up lessons and communicate with teachers and classmates. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of your teacher’s office hours to ask any questions you have. You can also schedule one-on-one or group tutoring sessions with teachers to work on any areas where you may be struggling. SLC also offers an in-person Study Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Eagle Creek Campus so students can work with each other face to face!

End of the Day

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Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Every student should have the opportunity to explore their interests and socialize with peers. Whether you choose to take music lessons, join a sports team at your local high school, or participate in a drama club, extracurricular activities are a great way to sharpen your other skills outside of the classroom and have fun! At SLC, we understand the value of extracurricular socialization and skill building. Students can take advantage of our enrichment opportunities, which include in-person classes, study halls, in-person and remote activity clubs, and more! 

Complete Coursework and Prepare for Exams

The end of the school day is a good time to complete homework and unfinished assignments, and to study for any upcoming exams. You might also check in with your Learning Coach to discuss your goals and concerns and make sure you’re on track.

Have Dinner and Get Ready for Bed

As you wind down at the end of the day and put away your laptop, take time to relax and enjoy your free time by doing things that make you feel calm and happy. This might include activities like journaling, playing games, and spending time with pets and family. Just remember to get to bed at a reasonable time so you wake up feeling rested and energized.

Things To Know About Virtual Students

They Create a Plan and Stick to It

E-learning schedules can differ quite a bit depending on the student, their support systems and living situations, and the schools they attend. But one trait that benefits all virtual students is the ability to create a plan and then follow through.


Here are a few tips that help online learners stay on track:

  • Create a dedicated workspace free from distractions.
  • Set achievable goals for yourself.
  • Divide your coursework into small, manageable segments.
  • Prioritize your most important tasks.
  • Use a planner or calendar to keep track of your courses.

They’re Proactive and Reach Out When They Need Help

Most virtual students benefit from having more at-home involvement. They also have lots of help and guidance from their online teachers, advisors, counselors, and other important support professionals at virtual schools. The trick is to know when to ask for help!


Online students generally take a more active role in their education, and they’re proactive about reaching out to their teachers, Learning Coaches, and classmates when they need assistance.

They Can Create a Personalized Schedule 

Some students find that traditional school moves too slowly or doesn’t allow them to learn in their own way. Others need to work a part-time job or travel. At SLC, we actively encourage students and their families to create flexible and personalized schedules that meet their needs so they can succeed academically.


We recommend using a planner or calendar to keep track of your courses and assignments, and consider assigning a separate color to each class. It can also be helpful to include non-school-related tasks in this calendar.

Enjoy the Flexibility of an Online Learning Schedule and Take Charge of Your Education With SLC!

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For virtual students, daily routines can look different depending on your learning style, home life, academic and personal goals, and non-school activities. But this freedom and flexibility doesn’t mean virtual learners don’t follow a structured routine. In fact, online school is designed to teach students self-discipline and time-management skills. 

Summit Learning Charter is a fully accredited, tuition-free online public school for grades K-12. We’re committed to providing the extensive academic support students need to succeed while teaching them to take control of their education. Learn more about our virtual academy and contact us to get your questions answered. 

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