Summit Learning Charter’s Elementary Options Program is proud of our commitment to building relationships with every student and family. We want to support your educational objectives and provide a rich and varied learning experience by ensuring:

  • Teachers are Oregon licensed and “highly qualified” in multiple subject areas.
  • We are 100% local to Oregon and the Portland metro communities.

Successful families must be able to commit to:

  • Learning 4-5 hours each day
  • Meaningful communication with the teachers twice per week
  • Have a committed Parent / Learning Coach at home
  • Have access to the Internet

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Our Staff

Summit Learning Charter staff are experienced veterans in the field of virtual education.

We take great pride in providing the best learning experience possible by using a blend of curriculum options and maximizing a personal connection with each of our learners.

Sean Gallagher
Natalie Allen-Wriggle
Dustin Schellinkout
Michelle McCarty
Jolene Johnson
Noelle Veveiros