Counseling / Student Services Dept

Welcome to Summit Learning Charter’s Student Services Department!

The primary focus of the Student Services Department is to support students and parents with all learning goals and concerns. Our objective is to provide academic and counseling support to every student. The Students Services Team is comprised of the School Counselor and Educational Advisors. The School Counselor provides school wide guidance services, grades K – 12.  The middle and high school years become more challenging and complicated. These students have additional support from an Educational Advisor (EA). Together, the counselor and EA’s work with students and parents to ensure that students make adequate progress in their classes throughout the year and complete all course work on time.

The comprehensive blended learning environment at Summit Learning Charter allows for flexibility while creating a full and rich academic experience. At the middle and high school levels, our department will personally tailor your child’s schedule to match individual strengths, interests and learning styles with the ultimate goal of graduation from high school or transition into our Early College program.

The Student Support Team will assist your child in every aspect of their educational journey to allow for a successful and meaningful learning experience – preparing students for transition to college, technical school, the work force or military service.

Regular communication is a necessary component of success in school. Parents are encouraged to check in regularly with teachers, the counselor, and their student’s EA with any questions and for assistance concerning child’s academic progress.

Grade Level Course Recommendations