“I want to thank you for helping me and supporting me so much to complete school. You gave me an extra push when I needed it most. You are a great teacher and I am thankful for having you. I’m glad that there will be more students that will benefit from all your great help. I couldn’t have done it without you. It was a pleasure being your student. Thank you so very much!”

“Summit Learning Charter was a second chance for me to earn a high school diploma. This program brought me many new friendships and new experiences; I have many fond memories of the wonderful staff. I fully recommend SLC to any student, you will find teachers that truly care about your success”

“I have 5 children attending this school and we have been a part of the Charter School since the opening day. The reason that it works for me is that while I get to provide some home school instruction and pacing, there are teachers eager and ready to work with them when they need it. Plus, there are regular field trips and study halls where my students get to socialize with peers”


“Thank you for the opportunity to finish my schooling. There was no other way that I could be doing this without your help”… Maria Damion (19 yr old working mother) – We just do our job, Maria is a great person to work with

“I like studying with Summit Learning Charter because I like that it is challenging, but not so much that I can’t do the work; and it’s fun. I like how I can to do at home and at my own pace. Whenever I need help, I can talk to one of the teachers. It is a great school program and I really like it. Thanks!”

“I love studying at SLC because everything is so organized and I always know what I need to be doing. Also all my school is worked out so that I may work at my own pace yet still stay on track. Plus the teachers are awesome!”