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Why Choose Summit?


Care and Attention.

(Challenging) – We have responsive and knowledgeable teachers who are excited about the profession of teaching and the pursuit of learning.



(Empowering) – Students who struggle in traditional schooling environments can really thrive in the online classroom environment. The confines of the bell schedule simply disappear and students can remain focused without the common distractions in the typical classroom.


 The opportunity to be yourself!

(Empowering/Equitable) – No longer will you have to compete to share your ideas or express yourself. In our school, your voice is one-on-one with the teacher and the playing field is leveled.


Modern learning environment.

(Developmentally Responsive) – The online and computer tools that we use in our program are part of the growing trends of skills that you use in the professional world.


Personalization and Flexibility.

(Developmentally Responsive) – Make school work on terms that suit your style of learning, your interests, the pace you need to succeed, and the opportunity to really dig into your interests.

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