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What to Expect

Is the Elementary Options Program right for my student?

Success in the Elementary Options Program is based upon the unique relationship between the teacher, the student, and the Learning Coach. The Learning Coach is usually a parent/guardian who takes on the full-time responsibility of educating their student.

Learning Coach Expectations

  • Provide daily instruction of core curriculum
  • Supervise student progress using home and school-based assessments
  • Ensure your student is provided with a structured schedule
  • Adapt and individualize learning to student skill level and ability

Elementary Teacher Expectations

  • Weekly email communication to help keep you and the student on track
  • Can provide instructional suggestions and learning strategies to support student progress.
  • To be available Monday-Friday by phone and email
  • Attends field trips
  • Instructs enrichment classes
  • Monitors student progress and provides remediation resources if needed

Criteria Expectations

  • Students must be a resident of Oregon and have Internet access to be successful in our program.
  • A parent/adult is able to take on the role of Learning Coach to provide instruction in the core subjects for approximately 4-5 hours per day.
  • A parent/learning coach is able to connect at a minimum, twice per week with the Home Room teacher to document attendance.
  • Students have access to a computer to complete the assessments taken from home.
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