Our program goal is to support every student and family with an individualized curriculum pathway that matches their skill level and learning style.To accomplish this, upon enrollment, students are given an assessment to gather baseline data. Using this information, an EOP Advisor is available to provide a professional consultation that aligns the child’s attributes and your family’s focus with our wide array of curriculum options.

The Elementary Options Program allows you to choose from the top home-based educational resources, whether online, paper and pencil, or activity materials, while also providing access to professionally instructed live and online enrichment classes, field trips, and school-wide activities.

Here’s how the program works:

Oregon students who are not enrolled in a public school are eligible to participate. We provide:
  1. A curriculum budget is based on the projected length of time in the program that year  (a student beginning in September will receive a $500.00 curriculum budget, but a student beginning AFTER September would receive a pro-rated budget). Parents are allowed to choose from our pre-approved vendors. We cannot purchase materials that teach religion, are used or out of print.
  2. Live and online teacher support is offered through optional enrichment classes, study halls, field trips, and school-wide activities, as well as curriculum advising.
  3. Monitoring of academic progress via MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress) tests, which compare results from session to session. This helps you know exactly where your student excels and what skills need work.
  4. We have a caring community of teachers, parents, and students who are here to enrich and encourage your academic experience.
  5. Special Education testing, tutoring, and advising is available upon request.

We require:

  1. Families to provide supervision of students during the week, and communicate with school personnel about academic progress at least twice a week. Families are NOT required to turn in work samples, achieve specific test scores, or maintain school records.
  2. Students to be tested three to four times per year for academic progress in language arts and mathematics. Students in grades 3-8 take the Oregon State Smarter Balanced (common core) tests as part of their required testing.
  3. Students who are dropped or withdrawn from the program are to return all materials purchased by SLC for assessment and potential re-use.