Elementary Options K-5

Welcome to Summit Learning Charter’s Elementary Options Program!

We emphasize a blended learning model with parents/guardians who are interested in being the PRIMARY learning coach for their learner on a day-to-day basis in their home, but who would also like support with Assessment, Curriculum Funding, Enrichment Activities, Physical Education, and Field Trips.

Some of the field trips we have hosted in the past include educational visits to OMSI and Franz Bakery, the Oregon Symphony and local farms.

We are named Elementary Options Program, because our focus is about delivering your student a unique blend of learning modes, which includes:

  • Home-based Education
  • Virtual Curricula
  • Live Online Classes
  • Hands-on Enrichment

When mixed all together, the blend allows parents/guardians to be the Home Educator, but maintain access to a school environment for areas of support.

We are even interested in how your expertise may enrich the learning community that we expose our students to. So if you ever wanted to volunteer and lead an enrichment class in farming, crafting, drama, Lego, cooking, coding, or baking …connect with us to see how!

EOP Weekly News Site:

This news site is updated weekly with vital information to make your collaboration with Summit as successful as possible


Department Goal:

The Elementary Options Program strives to provide a program that accommodates a diversity of learning styles, abilities, and ways of understanding information in multiple subject areas. Students and parents/guardians are equal partners with teachers and administrators in molding curriculum that meets the individual needs of each unique student.