Parent Corner

Parents!! The Early College Program is excited to bring this learning opportunity to your family!  If your student is academically and emotionally ready, then this program might be the perfect fit for your student!

How does the program work?
While enrolled with the Early College Program, your student will earn credits in TWO places – Summit Learning Charter (an accredited high school) and their local community college. Students are simultaneously building two transcripts — their Summit Learning Charter high school transcript and their college transcript.

How much does Early College cost?
Tuition varies amongst community colleges. To cover 12 credits at each campus, Summit Learning Charter will pay the following tuition amounts at each campus on behalf of each student per term (fall, winter and spring):

  • $1,475 Chemeketa Community College
  • $1,450 Clackamas Community College
  • $1,565 Mt. Hood Community College
  • $1,475 Portland Community College

In addition, Summit Learning Charter will provide each student with a pre-paid visa to off-set the costs of books each term.

Why choose Early College?
Summit Learning Charter maintains exceptional relationships with our community college partners. Together, we have graduated many students not only with their high school diplomas, but also with their Associates Degree.

Who helps our student?
The success of each student in our program is a collaborative effort. This team consists of the student, support from home, our Summit advisors, and the community college. Take a look at our most recent Early College Program newsletters to get a glimpse of what we do!