I wanted to take a brief moment to review this school. It has done wonderful things for my child who has been pretty phobic of the intensity that over-crowded schools bring. After trying *everything* to alleviate his stress, we decided to pull him from his regular traditional schedule and enroll him at EWA. Last year was a great year for him–and ever since, he has remarkable self-esteem and is social and unafraid of trying new things. I know a lot of this is because we took away that stress, but much of it is also attributed to the fact that the teachers were so eager to work with him. It was nice to have them consistently reach out and care about how their students were doing. We love this school so much, we have filled out the application for our 2nd grader. Thanks [Summit Learning Charter] for being such an amazing resource and offering up such great community!

~ Sept. 2014

[Summit Learning Charter] is an amazing online school. I came in a month late and I’m already ready to graduate on time. There is so much support and your teachers are a text away. I don’t think I’ve ever been so motivated to do school work. All the teachers plus the principal will go out of their way to help a student. There are live online classes and live study halls which really helps us students get involved.

~ March 2013

We’ve been attending [Summit Learning Charter] for 7 years. The staff is committed to helping each student get a quality education and will adjust to individual student needs. We like that the kids can work at their own pace and you can take your work with you if you need to go out of town for family needs. The lesson content is of high quality. The kids learn to be responsible for their own workload.

~ June 2012