Parent Role

The role of the parent of an Early College student is unique.

One of the objectives of this program is to encourage and assist a student as they navigate very important deadlines. Each student’s success depends on their ability to prioritize their time and communicate in a timely manner with both their Early College Advisor and their campus professors.

One of the most crucial components to a successful experience for a student in the Early College Program is the communication between a student and their advisor. If the advisor does not receive timely communication from the student, the advisor will often contact the parent to invite support from home. Please support your student by prompting them towards timely communication to their advisor.

Parents are welcome to, at anytime, email or call their student’s advisor with questions and concerns.


1.  Go through the accountability in their class syllabus
2.  Check in with your student and ask about progress, work samples, and grades that have been returned
3.  If your student is under 18 years old, please contact your learner’s SLC advisor as needed to share information
4.  Get to know the SLC Handbook Form
5.  Help your student with an advance tour of the college campus and planning a route of travel from your home.  This will help them plan a new commute and manage their time.